Credit Cards for Bad Credit Scores

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If you have a good credit rating, then you’ll be able to choose from the full range of best buy cards, and take advantage of features such as cash back, balance transfers, and rewards.

If your rating isn’t so good, your choice is more limited. You may be able to get one of the higher rate cards which have less stringent acceptance criteria or even be offered a card with a higher APR than that shown in the advertisements. In extreme cases, you might have to settle for a secured card which you need to load with funds before you can use it.

There is, however, a middle ground of cards specifically aimed at people with a poor credit history, or those new to finance who have nothing on their file at all.

These cards have little in the way of features and have interest rates way above those found elsewhere. While they aren’t a good choice for long term borrowing, they make an ideal way of re-establishing your credit rating by building up positive data on your file through responsible use.


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