Contents Insurance

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Contents Insurance

Your Home Insurance offers competitive contents insurance policies through our fast, online quote engines which can present you with a premium in minutes.

We will search our panel of specialist schemes on your behalf to save you both time and money. Get a contents insurance quote from Your Home Insurance to see how favourably we compare! You will only need to complete one online contents insurance quote form and we will automatically present you the best premium.

Features of our Policies

Your Home Insurance has multiple resources to provide our users useful information regarding their contents insurance requirements.

If you are living in rented accommodation, you may find our tenants information page useful. Check out claims stories from some of our current customers to see how we measure up.

You may even have a bicycle you need to insure and need to know how to get this covered. You can use Your Home Insurance for all your contents insurance questions.

Household insurance policies recommended for weddings

Couples planning on tying the knot have been urged today to consider taking out all risks home insurance prior to the big day.

The advice follows research which showed the average value of wedding presents tops £1,400.

Many couples are failing to take out appropriate cover on their matrimonial household additions.

Switching to a provider that automatically accounts for this represents a simple and effective solution.

Andy Sampson, of Legal & General, commented: “With the stress of arranging everything for the ‘Big Day’ it helps to know that the extra insurance cover is in place to cover the wedding outfits and accessories plus all the wedding gifts future married couples may have, both before and after their wedding day.

“Couples should just check that the home contents insurance cover under their house insurance policy or their parent’s house insurance, if the wedding items are being stored there instead, is adequate to cover the additional value of their wedding ensemble. This is particularly important if the couple are planning to be away on honeymoon.”




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